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WATERBORNE: A Slow Trip Around a Small Planet ANCESTOR: A Carriacou Sloop's Voyage to Vancouver SET SAIL & LIVE YOUR DREAMS: Follow a Young Family Sailing Over the Horizon on the Adventure of a Lifetime
Waterborne is the story of an artist, an engineer and a Labrador—three entirely different personalities—who abandon a stable middle-age lifestyle for a pitching deck and the possibility of pirates. Ancestor is the story of a Carriacou sloop, an engineless, locally-built sailing vessel purchased and refit by the author while living and sailing in the vicinity of the islands of St. Vincent and Grenada in the Caribbean Sea. The Carriacou sloop is one of a legendary class of sailing craft hand-built of wood by local Caribbean builders using traditional shipbuilding methods and following designs passed down over generations.

Bruce and April Winship were young and newly married when they decided to go looking for a little adventure. With little to no experience they hopped on a sailboat bound for Tahiti, and after two years of crewing on different sailboats throughout the South Pacific, Central and South America, they returned home with a burning passion to rediscover paradise on their own boat… this time as a family.