Exuma Cays Marinas

Please note that under the column heading Fuel, D means Diesel and G means Gasoline.

The term Nearby means either a short walk or taxi ride away.

Marina Location Slips


Fuel Groceries Dining
Compass Cay Marina Compass Cay 6' None Limited Yes
Emerald Bay Marina Emerald Bay 150 14 D & G Nearby Yes
Exuma Yacht Club* George Town 52 6.5' D & G Nearby Yes
Farmer's Cay Yacht Club Little Farmer's Cay 4 8.5' D & G Nearby Yes
Flamingo Bay Marina George Town None Nearby Nearby
Happy People Marina** Staniel Cay 9 6' None Nearby Nearby
Highborne Cay Marina Highborne Cay 16 7' D & G Yes Yes
Kidd Cove Marina*** George Town 36 3' G Nearby Nearby
Safety Harbour Marina Cave Cay D & G Yes Yes
Sampson Cay Marina Sampson Cay 25 7' D & G Yes Yes
Staniel Cay Yacht Club Staniel Cay 15 6' D & G Nearby Yes
St. Francis Marina**** Stocking Island G Nearby Nearby
Wax Cay Marina***** Little Wax Cay None None Yes

* Formerely Exuma Docking Services

** Happy People Marina is going through a transitional period and is currently not open

*** Kidd Cove Marina is the base for Bahamas Houseboats but they do have gasoline and moorings available

**** St. Francis Marina is still under construction and only moorings are available

***** Wax Cay Marina is private, intended soley for the use of the cay's resort

Contact Information

Compass Cay Marina

242-355-2024, Fax: 242-355-2044


Club Thunderball


Emerald Bay

Queen's Highway, Great Exuma, Bahamas

242-336-6100, Fax: 242-336-6101



Exuma Yacht Club

PO Box EX 29019, George Town, Great Exuma, Bahamas

242-336-2578, Fax: 242-336-2023

Farmer’s Cay Yacht Club

242-355-4017, Fax: 242-355-4030


Flamingo Bay Marina


Highborne Cay Marina

242-355-1008, Fax: 242-355-1003


Kidd Cove Marina


Safety Harbour Marina


Sampson Cay Club and Marina

242-355-2034, Fax: 242-357-0824


Staniel Cay Yacht Club
242-355-2024, Fax: 242-355-2044