Writer's Guidelines
Here's how to become a writer for Seaworthy Publications, Inc.

Seaworthy Publications is a nautical book publisher that specializes in recreational boating. While book publishing is obviously our focus, we are also interested in other types of boating products, videos, and computer programs.

General publishers have very little interest in boating books. The reason is that books about boating appeal to a very limited audience compared to many other categories of books. In fact, the book trade's standard sales and distribution methods are geared to publishing general interest subjects with worldwide markets. The result is that in many bookstores the selection of boating books consists of barely a token representation.

By contrast, at Seaworthy Publications we view the publishing of boating books as our niche in the publishing industry. We can successfully publish and promote boating books by the constructive use of creative targeted marketing techniques and a worldwide distribution network that can reach booksellers worldwide as well as marine supply stores, US and international wholesalers as well as online retailers, including approximately 70 eBook retailers.

Every book receives personal attention throughout the publishing process at Seaworthy Publications. Every detail of manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution is handled with utmost care. Each book is generally one of only a 10 to 20 titles we select for publishing during any given year. As such the success of every book is vitally important to us.

For the fastest response, (usually one or two weeks) we suggest you submit your queries electronically. Use an e-mail program capable of sending attachments. Send your query to queries@seaworthy.com our e-mail address for writer submissions. Tell us what your book is about, what markets you think it will sell to, and why it will sell. Tell us what makes your book unique compared to other books that cover the same or similar subjects, and the price range of any direct competitors. In your attachment(s), include a sample table of contents and two or three representative chapters. You may also include sample graphics, drawings, etc. You may choose to submit a query through the mail or other ground carrier if you wish. Send a query letter, a sample table of contents, and two sample chapters. Our address is, Seaworthy Publications, Inc., 6300 N Wickham Rd., Unit # 130-416, Melbourne, FL 32940. In general, we do not respond to mailed-in queries unless we are interested in publishing the book. Our business model is built around Internet collaboration with our writers on a worldwide basis. Sending paper through the mail doesn't really work for us unless absolutely necessary.

We are willing to accept unsolicited manuscripts and are happy to work with first-time authors. In addition, none of our authors have agents, but we are happy to hear from agents that have good book ideas to sell. We are greatly interested in receiving query letters about finished manuscripts. We are also willing to consider queries about book ideas.

To be accepted, your book must be available electronically. We are a highly automated company. We need our writers to have at least minimal capabilities in computerized word processing, e-mail, Internet access, and to be able to furnish their work to us in a format we can readily make use of. Most projects are completed using a variety of contractors all of whom collaborate with us and our authors through online means.

All submissions are carefully reviewed and if the book is accepted the writer will be contacted and arrangements will be made to discuss the book's future. If the book is not accepted, the writer will receive a reply indicating one or more of the various general reasons why we decline manuscripts, or the writer will receive a thoughtful written review of his or her submission. Our written reviews are reserved for exceptional manuscripts that come close to meeting our needs, or ran a close second to another manuscript that was accepted. Writer's receiving a written review from us should be highly encouraged in their pursuit of publication.

The general reasons we decline manuscripts are as follows:

1. We are not accepting poetry at this time.

2. Your subject matter does not pertain to sailing, boating, or related information.

3. While your subject pertains to boating, sailing, or related information, it does not meet our current needs.

Our typical candidate's book would fill a 6" X 9" trade paperback of 225 to 285 pages. Some specific kinds of books that would be of particular interest to us are:

1. Regional cruising guides.

2. How-to books on sailing or cruising related topics.

3. Technical books on specific subjects related to sailing.

4. Books on circumnavigation, especially single-handed.

5. Books on long-distance cruising, especially single-handed.

6. Computer programs -- navigation, weather, etc.

8. Sailing or boating related audio or video cassettes.

9. Other cruising, sailing or boating concepts.

If you have any questions that are not covered in this guide sheet, please feel free to contact us directly. We will be very happy to be of assistance to you.

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