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Seaworthy Publications Gift Certificate Cruising with Your Four-Footed Friends Boat Cosmetics Made Simple, 3rd ed
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Cruising with Your Four-Footed Friends: The basics of boat travel with your cat or dog.
Boat Cosmetics Made Simple, 3rd ed. How to improve and maintain a boat’s appearance.
Extended Power Cruising The New Get Rid of Boat Odors, 2nd ed. THE CAPTAIN'S GUIDE TO HURRICANE HOLES - THE BAHAMAS AND CARIBBEAN
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Extended Power Cruising is a comprehensive guide for long-term cruisers. This is a book for those who want to embark on extended cruising under power.
Get Rid of Boat odors, 2nd ed. is a boat owner’s guide to marine sanitation systems and other sources of aggravation and odor. This is the lowdown on how to do it right to keep your boat smelling sweet and make sure everything goes as it should in the head and beyond.
The Captain's Guide to Hurricane Holes Is a navigational aid designed for yacht and boat captains transiting the waters of The Bahamas and Caribbean. If you are so unfortunate as to find your yacht or boat in the path of an oncoming hurricane, this book will provide advice on the safest locations to flee to as a last resort.
RIGGING MODERN ANCHORS THE CAPTAIN'S GUIDE TO ALTERNATIVE ENERGY AFLOAT: Marine Electrical Systems, Water Generators, Solar Power, Wind Turbines, Marine Batteries
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Rigging Modern Anchors demystifies anchoring with today’s modern anchors. Through years of systematic testing, Drew Frye has produced a new benchmark of understanding based on empirical data instead of anecdotal wisdom, passed down from one sailor to the next without proof or deep understanding of the fundamental concepts involved. In Rigging Modern Anchors, we dig deeply into the how and why of anchoring, using hard numbers as our foundation. A successful ocean passage on a small to midsize sailing vessel means keeping things as simple as possible. The Captain’s Guide to: Alternative Energy Afloat gives you the most detailed, up-to-date advice on marine solar, wind and water power systems, to prepare your vessel for an ocean crossing while at the same time saving money and ensuring a smaller footprint on Mother Nature.

Circumnavigator-author Bill Morris describes in detail the best options for reducing dependence on fossil fuels, minimizing battery usage, and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle on the water. He presents an array of electrical charging systems, power-saving electrical fixtures, and manual devices aimed at saving money on fuel, along with pointers on installation and maintenance.