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Life at Sea Level

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Life at Sea Level is the latest work of one of America’s finest travel guide authors. For nearly 20 years, Stephen J Pavlidis has been writing books about the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands. He has written 14 guides covering virtually all the geography from south Florida to Trinidad and Tobago, including many lesser known destinations such as Guatemala and Honduras. That writing was done aboard his 40-foot sailboat, IV  Play, making careful notes, tedious maps and talking to the locals he met ashore.

Most of Steve’s books report facts about the regions and islands he visited. Finally, in
Life at Sea Level he tells some of the other stories of the very real things that happened during his island time and of the very real people he knew or historically researched. He tells us some things that are at once serendipitous and humorous. He also tells us some things that are not always comfortable…even things some people would rather were not retold.

The islands of the Bahamas and Caribbean have a long history. From times during the Civil War, to the present moment the islands deliver whenever and whatever the United States seems to want or need. Money moves in and out of them like a flowing tide. Crimes are perpetrated and vast fortunes change hands all in the name of the opportunity of the moment. You can also just visit for the fishing or to drink a cold bottle of Kalik or Red Stripe in a hammock on the beach. Steve gives us the real perspective of life on these islands; sometimes peaceful and relaxing; sometimes wild and dangerous. But that is the reality of Life at Sea Level.
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