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Seaworthy Publications Gift Certificate Chasing the Long Rainbow CAPE HORN BIRTHDAY: Record-Breaking Solo Non-Stop Circumnavigation - Soft Cover
CHASING THE LONG RAINBOW: One man alone, the sea, and a race against time.
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Chasing the Long Rainbow chronicles the drama of the BOC Challenge for one man alone, the sea, and a race against time. Cape Horn Birthday documents the extraordinary non-stop round-the-world journey of a lone sailor and his thirty-two-foot sloop. GPS did not exist when Peter Freeman set sail from Victoria, British Columbia, in 1984. Peter navigated the old-fashioned way, with a compass, a sextant, books of tables, and his wits. Along the way, he had to rebuild the self-steering rudder, repair torn sails, and fix broken gear.
SPIRIT OF A DREAM: A Sailor’s Ultimate Journey Around the World Alone
On October 2, 2013, Dave Rearick began an epic solo voyage around the world. Onboard his specifically built Class 40 racing sloop appropriately named “Bodacious Dream,” Dave sailed from Newport, Rhode Island. He sailed the length of the Atlantic Ocean to Cape Town, South Africa, a distance of 8,000 miles. From Cape Town, Dave sailed to Wellington, New Zealand where “Bo” was originally built, and then onto the fabled Galapagos Islands, one of the earth’s great nature preserves. On the final leg, Dave returned to Newport, Rhode Island by way of the Panama Canal. The full circumnavigation took 256 days to complete, leaving an indelible memory of the challenges and rewards of being at one with nature, the solitude of the open sea and the ever-changing landscape of life.