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BEST OF ISLA MUJERES: A Traveler's Guide To The Island's Best BECOMING COASTAL: 25 Years of Exploration and Discovery of the British Columbia Coast by Paddle, Oar and Sail WATERBORNE: A Slow Trip Around a Small Planet
Travel books rarely provide the tourist such a clear, succinct and simple path to a destination as do Jackson (Kip) Lindsay's Local Knowledge Travel Guides. "Creating travelers out of tourists," as Kip says, may just exemplify the essence of what these remarkable guides offer the reader. His 45 years traveling southern Mexico's Yucatan coast, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, offer a perspective and experience here few have. The books provide the reader with an in-depth opportunity to know places that will fit their style for food and drink, romantic beaches, quiet shopping spots, local music and art, or top notch silver your first day, without fumbling around with questionable suggestions.
In this collection of narratives Victoria technologist, environmentalist and writer Alex Zimmerman tells stories not only of self-propelled travel and adventure but also of nature, the magnificent environment and of interesting people that he meets on the coast of British Columbia. Zimmerman is not the first to paddle and write about the British Columbia Coast, but he brings a fresh and personal perspective as he details how he learns the necessary physical and mental skills of solo traveling. Waterborne is the story of an artist, an engineer and a Labrador—three entirely different personalities—who abandon a stable middle-age lifestyle for a pitching deck and the possibility of pirates.